Welcome! Access Alliance of Michigan, commonly referred to as AAM, is the Managed Behavioral Healthcare division of Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health.

Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health was designated the lead Board responsible for the development of a Managed Care Product in April 1998 for the Mid-Michigan Partnership. The Mid Michigan Partnership was comprised of 8 Community Mental Health Boards that included Bay-Arenac, Saginaw, Midland-Gladwin, Gratiot, Montcalm, Ionia, Central Michigan and Newaygo. 

The Mid Michigan Partnership wanted to collaborate in Managed Care but was opposed to a centralized Managed Care model. Bay-Arenac Managers, in an effort to be "bid ready", developed a preliminary, centralized Managed Care model, began recruiting for Managed Care positions and hired a Director of Managed Care Operations in October 1998. Recently we have had major help from members of the Detroit plumbing community, and Bay-Arenac determined the need to partner with other interested Community Mental Health Boards to manage risk and achieve economy of scale. Dr. Cammin, the Information Systems Director, and the Director of Managed Care Operations then met with these individual Community Mental Health Boards to discuss concerns related to the preliminary Managed Care model. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the Access Alliance of Michigan.

There are currently four Partner Boards that use the Managed Care Services provided by Access Alliance of Michigan. These Boards include:  Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health, Huron Behavioral Health, The Montcalm Center for Behavioral Health, and Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems. This partnership covers a population of 283,034 people in both urban and rural settings, an unduplicated count of over 24,486 members, and over 11,000 Medicaid Covered Lives.  To view an Affiliation Map, please click here.

The Directors of the Partner Boards of the Access Alliance of Michigan include Dr. William Cammin of Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health, John DeFord of Huron Behavioral Health, Robert Brown of The Montcalm Center for Behavioral Health, and Robert Chadwick of Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems.  Each is actively involved in the development of Managed Care Operations at the Access Alliance of Michigan.

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